Welcome to the 405 Squadron Association web site and the relaunch of the Association. The Association had it beginnings in 1948 when members of the Pathfinder Force (PFF) formed an Association and began to meet regularly at the 48th Highlanders Club on Church St. Toronto in 1948. Formal dinners and dances were held until the club was sold in the 1950s. Over time other squadrons followed suit and in 1967, 407, 415, 431 and 434 Squadrons began holding annual reunions at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. Attendees came from all over the world. Each year one Squadron would be specifically honored, the first one being 434 (Bluenose) Squadron in 1976. These events were known as WW 11 Squadron Reunions and were planned by a committee chaired by Geo. T. Sutherland.  About 1980/81 this committee was replaced by the Allied Air Forces Reunion (AAFR) Committee. Committee members, most of them by now well established, free of kids, retired or near retirement, began to dig furiously for the names and addresses of former members of wartime squadrons.

​Subsequently and at the instigation of Alex Guise-Bagley, 405 Squadron Association came into being and members of the original committee, Len Burrows, Jack Cliffe, Gerry Cyr, Fred Davies, Alex Guise-Bagley, Jim Radke and Jim Vann, began compiling the names and addresses of former members of 405 Squadron and eventually to plan and organize a number of reunions beginning in 1984 in Toronto and repeated in 1987 and 1993. Members of the 405 Squadron Association also participated in the dedication of a memorial window at Gransden Lodge in 1989; in the World Wide Pathfinder Reunion held in Vancouver in 1995, which included the dedication of the 405 Squadron Plaque in the Garden of Remembrance in Stanley Park; and, in the dedication of a Squadron Plaque at the RCAF Museum in Trenton in June 1996. Association members also participated proudly in the 50th and 60th anniversary reunions held in Greenwood in 1991 and 2001 respectively.

In addition to the reunions held in Toronto, reunions were also held in Winnipeg in 1988, Burnaby in 1990, Kelowna in 1994, Ottawa in 1996, Vancouver in 1998, Halifax in 2001 and Victoria in 2002. The last association reunion was held in Ottawa in 2003. A number of years ago the Association files were passed to the Squadron in Greenwood and the Association faded away.

 The reactivating of the Association was the idea of the former Honorary Colonel of 405 Squadron, Bert Campbell. Work began in earnest earlier this year when a meeting was held between interested retired members and the current Squadron leadership and it was determined that re-activating the Association was a worthy undertaking. 

A committee of three, Bert Campbell, George Giles and Walt Crocker began working on guidelines for the Association and the creation of a unique Association pin, an image of which is at the top of this page. The committee will also include the Squadron Historian and a liaison representative appointed by the CO.  It was also decided that a one-time fee of $25 would be the cost of membership. Membership for 405 Squadron war time veterans is free. If you are interested in renewing your ties with 405 Sqn please use the registration form PDF Format