Outgoing 405 (Long Range Patrol) Squadron Lieutenant-Colonel Marie- Claude Osmond made her parting gift to the squadron July 26 a marker of all-consuming work over the past several years. “You are the only squadron with continuous involvement in Operation Impact throughout Canada’s commitment,” she said, describing the squadron’s constant rotating deployment of aircraft, aircrew and technicians between October 2014 and December 2017. “You showed the Canadian Armed Forces and Canada we lead in everything we do.” The hand-worked wood pieced wall hanging, crafted by squadron Sergeant Aaron Evans, depicts the 405 Squadron and operation logos, with a front cut of the squadron’s CP140 Aurora aircraft. “Thank you to each and every one of you at 405 for making this one of the most memorable postings. I am proud of all of you: aircrew – you went far beyond what is normally asked; technicians – we couldn’t do what we do without you.” 14 Wing Greenwood Colonel Mike Adamson, the parade’s reviewing officer, admitted to a soft spot for 405 Squadron: he served as its commanding officer several years ago, with Osmond, in fact, as his deputy. And, the incoming Lieutenant-Colonel Luc Vachon recently served as Osmond’s deputy. “I am proud of both of them, and that both have them have now had and will have the opportunity to command 405,” Adamson said. “This squadron has a long and proud history, and you members’ outstanding work on a day-to-day basis adds to that. Your work is noted at the highest level: you deliver every time, and excellence in air power is what you do.” Adamson thanked Osmond for her focus, as “you took on a squadron at war and continued with a big effort in Op Impact – and managed all the other missions. You’ve worked over the past few months to return our long range patrol fleet to a healthy state.” He encouraged Vachon to use both the trust the Royal Canadian Air Force has placed in him with this command, and his own career skills, to “fully engage in the plan to provide perspective on long range patrol. I will rely on you and the Eagles to deliver.” Vachon said the honour to command 405 Squadron is his. “I’ve had my marching orders, and I stand ready”

405 Squadron command comes with demands


​Sara White