Squadron Chief, CWO Dean Parsons Retires

Gift to CWO Parsons from the Squadronn

Gift to CWO Parsons from the CO

I want to thank you all, 405 Squadron.. My dignity and pride comes from working with and representing you each and every day over the past 2 years. My time at this squadron has been the crowning achievement to my career! Coming back to the Squadron I have served for with so many fond memories from years ago was a dream come true. Seeing many familiar faces and having the executive we have in place starting with the CO was the cherry on top. I have stated to many that it would have been hard for me to work at any level or team after this without the face-to-face feedback and direct impact I have felt over my time. Sure there were tough times looking across my desk dealing with a member and sure there were some late evenings. However it was all worth it when you all continued to rise with each and every occasion carrying this Wing and the RCAF. I have had the pleasure of looking many of you in the eye as you were being promoted, receiving a medal or award, or having a drink (of some sort) at one of our great squadron events. To see the pride and joy in each of those moments have meant the world to me and I will never forget them. For me to know that I played one very small part in your career and achievements to this point, I will be forever grateful.

Squadron Chief, CWO Dean Parsons 

CWO Parsons is now retired. Dean spent over 27 years in the CAF stating in the Army Reserve, before joining the RCN Reg for and followed by his transfer to the RCAF in 2003 as an AES Op (retirement msg below). Due to the social distancing measure in place,  we used the Zoom Application to allow 114 pers from across the world to join in.  From NFLD, to Greenwood, to Halifax, to Gimli MB, to Comox BC, all the way to Australia, we  were all there to celebrate Dean’s retirement. Him, Crissy and the kids (Emily and Christopher) will be dearly missed. Dean has accepted a job with Transport Canada out of Moncton N.B.   

Zoom app. We reached a 114 people at one point