Sqn Headquarters’ flight suit patch design has changed. The patch is round representing the RCAF Roundel. The contour is light blue representing the Sqn colours. The lower part of the logo is brown representing the ground. The middle display the search lights as found in the Gransden Stained glass Window representing our connection to the past and to the fact that “we will remember them”. The mighty Lancaster was replaced the CP140 Aurora.

Halifax HR861 LQ-M 

The story of this crash and what happened after was sent to you in a book “Six Graves in the Village” a few weeks ago. There was also an article in the Aurora date 7 Nov 2022 on page 10 on the story behind two sets of medals presented to the families of  Mike Tomczak & Alex McCracken.  Frank Moore who started this project when he bought a suitcase containing medals, document etc. The families would like the two sets of medals presented to the Squadron which will occur on the 80th anniversary of the crash on July 25, 2023 here in Greenwood.

Jos Schuurman-Schuiling from Ten Boar has been working over the years to ensure the crew of Halifax LQ-M that crashed there on 25 July 1942 and this is his latest contribution. Mounded medals from 2 of the victims will be presented to 405 Squadron on 25 July 2023 in Greenwood, NS.

 “The sign is made of brushed aluminium and another one will also be placed in the cabinet you can see in the left far corner of the first photo. 

I will make some photos the coming 4th of May during our Dutch remembrance day when people pass the graves.   Jos Schuurman-Schuiling” 


The crest of 405 Long Range Patrol Squadron depicts an eagle's head facing to the sinister and holding in the beak a sprig of maple. Its motto refers to the fact that this was the first and only Royal Canadian Air Force  Pathfinder squadron. The eagle's head which faces the sinister suggests leadership, is derived from the pathfinder badge

Motto: Ducimus - We Lead