Sqn Headquarters’ flight suit patch design has changed. The patch is round representing the RCAF Roundel. The contour is light blue representing the Sqn colours. The lower part of the logo is brown representing the ground. The middle display the search lights as found in the Gransden Stained glass Window representing our connection to the past and to the fact that “we will remember them”. The mighty Lancaster was replaced the CP140 Aurora.

Remembering  Sargent Sidney Harvey, RAF

405 Squadron Wellington


The Association is open at any ground and air crew as well as civilians who worked on the Squadron since 1942

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Sgt Sidney Harvey was on the first 405 Squadron aircraft that crashed killing all on-board in the Second World War.

"Cologne and Dusseldorf were the main targets on the night of 16/17 June 1941 and it was the former, that 405 Squadron contingent operated, in company with a hundred other aircraft of four types. The raid was disappointing, scattering a few bombs across the city and Sgt MacGregor and his crew were last  heard transmitting on w/t at 0303, four hours after take-off. W5522 never arrived back, and presumably crashed into the sea on the way home, taking its crew to an unknown grave."  ​ from the 405 Squadron WW ll Profile by Chris Ward.

Special thanks to Diane Roberts, the niece of Sgt Harvey, for providing his photo.

The crest of 405 Long Range Patrol Squadron depicts an eagle's head facing to the sinister and holding in the beak a sprig of maple. Its motto refers to the fact that this was the first and only Royal Canadian Air Force  Pathfinder squadron. The eagle's head which faces the sinister suggests leadership, is derived from the pathfinder badge

Motto: Ducimus - We Lead